Spotlight: DiVito Landscaping

Much of Bucks County’s scenic beauty comes from our trees and their spectacular foliage.  But with trees come shade, and along with our abundant deer population this can make it difficult to find great material for the garden.

Fortunately, every year brings new deer-resistant plants for both sun and shade, as well as clearer signage for finding them at the nurseries. Woodland gardening is very challenging, which makes it that much more fulfilling and enjoyable to see it come together. 

With the large amounts of rain recently, we have been doing a lot of drainage work to deal with flooding and run-off issues. We use a wide range of materials and work them into the landscape to look natural.

Drainage can be functional and still look like it belongs within the area around it. 

As the year winds down, visit your local nurseries for a pleasant surprise.  They will start to discount much of their inventory as they do not want to carry it through the winter.

Fall is the best time of year for planting, and many do not realize that you can plant until the ground starts to freeze. Once in the ground, as long as you water your new plantings well, you can plant through most of the year. 

Weeds are another common concern, but they have an easy solution. If weeding is kept up monthly, you will have very few weeds, great-looking beds, and no need for the use of chemicals. Regular maintenance is the key to staying on top of weeds before they get out of control. 

DiVito Landscaping offers a personal touch and values high communication with our clients.  If you need help with these or other landscape challenges, call, text, or e-mail us today. 267-884-3777.

PHOTO CAP: Woodland garden that we designed with a dry riverbed to redirect water runoff. 

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