Spotlight: Hays Custom Painting

“My father was a painter” says Tom Hays, owner of Hays Custom Painting. “My three brothers and I grew up helping him out in the summers and weekends and then professionally as young adults.”

He has been in business now for 32 years. Tom learned the fine art of historic custom house painting as passed down from his father, Ed Hays.

It entails meticulously restoring and replicating the original façade colors and designs of buildings from past eras. This specialized practice requires a deep understanding of architectural history, pigments, and techniques.

Tom uses traditional methods like hand-mixing authentic paint formulas and employing brushwork reminiscent of the time. Together with his wife, Vara (whom Tom says has a uniquely steady hand), they provide a rich painting experience.

The process not only revitalizes the building’s exterior but also preserves its historical authenticity. Hays Custom Painting also provides modern interior painting as well as special project services.

This team is professional and clean. Call 215-860-8228 to discuss your project and a free quote.

PHOTO CAP: Hays Custom Painting recent project at the Thai Buddist Temple in Bensalem.

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