Coding Black Belts in Yardley!

Code Ninjas Yardley graduates two!

Code Ninjas Yardley (CNY) is very proud to announce that two of their students, a.k.a. “Ninjas,” recently received their coveted Black Belt. Both Jacob Perry and Matthew Pajrowski finished the course curriculum and have built their own video games using multiple coding platforms.

Jacob launched a platform-based game similar to MARIO™ and Matthew built a click-based game where you collect soccer cards.  CNY is an afterschool program for kids, a.k.a. “Ninjas,” ages 7-14 which teaches computer coding by having Ninjas build video games.

Ninjas start as a White Belt with block-based coding and work their way up the belt ladder learning different coding platforms including C#, Java Script and Unity culminating with designing their own game and earning their Black Belt.  The curriculum is self-paced and no prior coding experience is needed.

At CNY kids also gain key life skills including critical thinking, problem solving, and team building. There are no set classes and our teachers, a.k.a. “Senseis,” are all local high school students with a STEM background.

In fact, both Black Belt holders Matthew and Jacob are now Senseis.

“It’s really the best of both worlds,” says co-owner Eric Renfors. “Kids get the screen time they crave, and we turn it into something productive.” He continues, “Instead of playing video games all day, they are learning how to make video games.” 

The skills and coding learned at CNY can be used for a lifetime. In fact, Matthew’s mom, Lisa Pajrowski, informed us that Matthew has already put his skills to use by building an app for his father’s club.

CNY is located in the Lower Makefield Shopping Center and is open five days a week. Besides Coding, CNY offers birthday parties and plenty of camps throughout the year.

For more information or to book a FREE tour where your little Ninja will build their first game, visit

PHOTO CAP: Two new Code Ninja Black Belts, Jacob Perry (right) and Matthew Pajrowski (center). Matthew’s mom, Lisa, is on the left.

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