Spotlight: Woodside Christian Preschool


Entering the preschool wing of Woodside Christian Preschool (WCP), visitors are greeted with a cacophony of sound: children singing songs as they learn and squeals of excitement as children explore objects in a sensory bin.

These are the sounds of joy and the sounds of the building blocks of learning. 

For 34 years, Woodside Christian Preschool has been educating students in the Lower Makefield area.

WCP values the learning that takes place through play and academic instruction.

It’s our goal to help children develop a love for learning!

WCP offers programs for three-, four- and five-year-olds.

The youngest students, those turning three after September 1st, are able to attend an On My Own class.

They learn to separate from parents/caregivers and spend time socializing with children their age.

Woodside’s 3s Programs shape independence as children lead the class in morning circle time as the V.I.P., and develop valuable social/emotional skills as they grow and learn alongside new friends.

Students in the 4s Programs continue to build on these skills while learning key academics needed for kindergarten.

For those students who may miss the kindergarten cutoff or need an additional year of growth, Woodside offers a Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Program.

The TK classroom is closely aligned with kindergarten curriculum and meets the students at their individual needs so they develop the confidence needed to excel.

Building on a strong foundation, Woodside Christian Preschool is excited to offer its students some new programs this year, including an introduction to Spanish language, hands-on science experiments, and a special visit from a portable planetarium!  There are still some openings in each of our programs – call 215-493-5009 and check out our virtual tour online at for more information to join us in the fall!

PHOTO CAP:  Learning through play!


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