Spotlight: Dan McMeans, Mind, Body and Spirit Advisor on depression


Depression can be the result of intense and prolonged periods of stress, trauma, low self-esteem, doubt or an accumulation of fear.

These energies must all be addressed, by an energy healer or seen by a doctor, counselor or therapist. 

One way to reset your mind is by focusing on what you absorb because what you absorb is what you become. 

As Jesus said, “As above, so it is below. As in Heaven, so is on earth.”

Meaning you’re capable of moving mountains, and nothing is impossible for you to achieve when you believe in yourself and your higher soul.

It’s important to explore the vastness of your mind to believe you can succeed at new levels of attainment and excellence to fulfill your life’s purpose.

It is significant to point out that as you read more positive content, it will help you challenge your fears and help you expand your mind.

Then you can think and wonder with boundless imagination which helps you create ideas that can only be a result of being free of fear.

Ideas that can reverberate and ripple through and influence another person’s energy in a positive way which would help you heal your own depression.

Because this is how God’s universe works.

When faced with an obstacle, you cannot second guess yourself and try to move that obstacle.

You must absorb the powers of believing in yourself for you to propel and set in motion your faith and the energies that reside in you and in the universe to help you achieve your goals.

As Buddha said, “Our life is shaped by our minds, we become what we think.”

Dan McMeans can help you explore your fears, expand your mind, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Call 267-570-9042 to begin your personal journey.


PHOTO CAP: Dan McMeans, Mind, Body and Spirit Advisor


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