Spotlight: Seasons Garden Center

A great place to find native plants, organic vegetables and organic bagged composts/soil builders

Seasons Garden Center has been serving Bucks County for over 27 years. This family-owned garden center prides itself on all the services it provides to the community.

Nestled in the heart of Washington Crossing, Seasons has 30 acres of property where it maintains two educational gardens and has become certified both as a National Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Way Station. Seasons is welcoming the increased demand for Native plants and organically-grown vegetables.

The Seasons staff has greatly increased its selection of Native plants, (from groundcovers, flowering perennials and sedges to flowering native shrubs and trees). Seasons also boasts a wealth of organic vegetables, from Heirloom tomatoes to organically-grown herbs. 

Bringing all of this to full circle, Seasons also carries OMRI-certified organic soil amendments and raised bed mixes by Coast of Maine: 

  • Bumper Crop is a composted soil amendment blended with lobster and crab shell meal—essentially ‘everything your plants need in one bag.’
  • Castine Blend Organic & Natural Raised Bed Mix is an enriched blend of fully-cured compost perfect for growing herbs, vegetables and flowers in raised beds as well as in the ground.

One of our Master Gardeners on staff, Kelly Thompson said, “We’re so proud to grow our organic vegetables and native plants in Bumper Crop and Castine Raised Bed Mix. The plants adapt so easily once planted. That means less water and less fertilizer.

Our soil has become so great that we can essentially dig the ground with our hands – no shovels needed.” You can find Seasons Garden Center at 1069 River Road, Washington Crossing, PA. 

We can be reached at 215-493-4226. Our website is

PHOTO CAP: This Organic Vegetable Garden at Seasons Garden Center features a plethora of organic vegetables and herbs. It’s used to educate the public. Vegetables and herbs are given to employees, customers and are also donated to special causes.

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