Crossings Animal Society offers new way to adopt a rescue pet

Looking for a rescue dog or cat to adopt can be frustrating and time-consuming. To make that process easier and more successful, The Crossings Animal Society (CAS) introduced a new approach, called “Fur-ever Match.”

Using Fur-ever Match, you won’t need to search adoption sites for a dog or cat to rescue. We find the right pet for you, working with our shelter partners, located nearby, in the South, and in Grand Bahama.

Here’s how Fur-ever Match works:

  • Complete an adoption application with specific information about the pet who would be just right for your family;
  • Your application is approved after checking your personal references and veterinary reference, and conducting a home visit;
  • Our Rescue and Adoptions Team reaches out to find your dog or cat. Our contact person at each shelter is someone we know and trust to represent the pet accurately, including behavior and health;
  • The dog or cat is brought to the CAS office for a meet-and-greet. Because our screening and selection process is so thorough, most meet-and-greets result in immediate adoption;
  • After adoption, your family is assigned a CAS volunteer “Ambassador”, who will follow-up with you and address any of your concerns. The CAS office is also available for any assistance you need;
  • Our trainer can also speak with you shortly after the adoption takes place, to answer questions and provide advice. Training sessions are also available upon request;
  • You’ve saved the life of a pet, and enriched your home by bringing a dog or cat into your family;

The Fur-ever Match process takes 2-3 weeks once we approve your application. Our adoption fee ranges from $350-$400.

For further information or to begin the Fur-ever Match process, e-mail CAS at, or call 215-321-4673.

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