Spotlight: J Bradwells Home & Design

On a list of design elements that every home should have, statement window treatments appear at the very top.  The stylish Danish actress Anna Karina knew this when she told her then husband, French film director Jean-Luc Godard, that in their home she wanted red velvet curtains “or nothing at all.”

Such zero-sum strategy doesn’t work for everyone. Hunter Douglas knows this, perhaps, better than anyone: the company’s reason to exist is helping people to regulate the natural light in their homes and to look good while doing it.

Window treatments should make a supremely happy space – one where the rays of sunrise don’t wake you from your dreams and privacy from passersby and nosy neighbors is not aspirational. And in 2023, when sustainability is on everyone’s mind, energy-efficient options abound. 

Take for example, Hunter Douglas’s honeycomb cellular shades, which are designed to aid a space’s insulation by trapping the energy that travels through uncovered windows and leads to colder indoor temperatures in winter and hotter ones in summer.  Even with the most straightforward Hunter Douglas shade, some of which can open from both the bottom up and top down, being cool – in every sense – shouldn’t be a struggle at any time of year.

The Hunter Douglas proprietary generation three motorization makes control of light and energy all the more efficient. The complete Hunter Douglas line of products is available from J Bradwells Home & Design at 22 N Union Street, Lambertville, NJ, 609-337-3182,

PHOTO CAP: Hunter Douglas motorized shades are framed by patterned side panels. Hunter Douglas GreenScreen Sea-Tex fabrics are created from recycled plastic recovered from shorelines.

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