Going’s-on in Morrisville

submitted by Judith Danko, Morrisville Borough Manager

Morrisville residents will see considerable construction at Borough Hall in the coming months. We’ve prioritized the repairs needed (a ‘needs’ list versus a ‘wants’ list), and with our initial RFQs (request for quote) already in progress, the initial repairs should be underway about the time this newspaper arrives in your mailbox.

A local plumbing company was awarded the contract to replace Borough Hall’s sewage lines. This repair is long overdue.

We had to evacuate Borough Hall twice last year due to sewage backing-up into the hallway. The roof is next on the list, and again long overdue.

The leaks are worsening and Borough Hall houses emergency services for both our Police and Fire Departments. Our engineers have finalized the bid documents in order for a contract to be awarded ASAP.

These long-overdue projects could no longer be “kicked down the road.” Note that these structural repairs are funded by the federal ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) program and not with local tax money, putting Morrisville on firmer financial footing.

We’re also looking forward to the Bridge Street Car Show, May 20th (rain date May 27th). Sponsored by the Morrisville Business Association, their goal is to present Morrisville as a ‘destination location’ instead of a “pass through.” 

Under MBA President (and 3rd Ward Councilman) Andrew Lubin and Jane Burger, they’ve arranged to close Bridge Street for an old-fashioned car show where spectators can wander safely while inspecting the cars, chat with the owners, and see what the Bridge Street shop owners have for sale.

MBA members are sponsoring the awards/trophies, with classes ranging from prior-to-1949 through current, both for imported and American cars, Jeeps/trucks. This looks to be a first-class event; our Morrisville residents and other visitors will enjoy it!

PHOTO CAP: Judith Danko, Morrisville Borough Manager, at the April 10th MBA Business Card Exchange held at Ashlynn Distillery.

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