Oooooo…look at all of the pretty lights!

submitted by Fletcher’s Garage

No, it’s not Christmas. When any one or a number of dashboard warning lights light up, it’s because there’s an issue.

And NO…you can’t put black tape over it or put your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s/dog’s picture in front of it expecting it to be all fixed! There are a number of lights with symbols of systems that are covered, and when they see a fault they illuminate.

The most common is the dreaded amber “Check Engine Light.” That is the most important of all the lights, as it comes on with any faults between P01** and P07** with issues ranging from a simple loose gas cap to catastrophic engine or transmission fail. DO NOT ignore this light as it really is the “Box of Chocolates” of auto issues.

You may think (or hope) it’s a minor issue but without truly knowing, you may get the Maple Cream (eww). It also may be a number of issues under that “umbrella” of the one CEL.

You can stop at the “FREE C.E.L. CHECKOUT” places, but that only tells you what the code(s) is, not the problem. The affected part may be the victim, not the culprit, and you won’t know that without further diagnosis, which can be unnecessarily costly, by throwing parts at the wrong issue.

Our scan equipment at Fletcher’s Garage is the newest available and monitors many systems at once, making the correct diagnosis almost immediate, saving you time and money! Running a close second on the happy light chart is the Tire Pressure light.

It looks light an amber horseshoe with an exclamation point in it. I don’t know who designed that but it’s proof that some engineers need professional help.

The tire may just be low on air or needs a new sensor. We can check that out as well as any of the other pretty “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.”

Call 215.295.4931.

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