An interview with Morrisville Borough Manager, Mrs. Judith Danko

There is a positive vibe coming from Morrisville these days, and much of it is due to the efforts of Borough Manager, Mrs. Judith Danko. Hired in August 2021 following the prior manager’s untimely death, she found herself thrown into the midst of the Borough’s budget negotiations and a Covid-affected economy, however she’s able to put Morrisville on a positive financial path.

Mrs. Danko is a career municipal manager with 25+ years of experience, primarily in the Lehigh Valley area. A long-time member of business and governmental organizations such as the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp and the PA Chapter of American Planning, she says, “I recognize that stable governance leads to economic growth and we need to do the same here”

Did Morrisville receive any Federal stimulus money?

“Yes, we received funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. Known as ARPA Funds, we’re using them for the emergency repairs Borough Hall needs. Infrastructure tends to look fine and is easy to ignore until suddenly it isn’t fine, so these funds came at a most opportune time.”

“Emergency Repairs? An opportune time?”

“Borough Hall is collapsing around us. The roof has a serious leakage problem, the main electrical box is grossly overloaded and causing electrical issues, and the sanitation pipes carrying sewage from the building are collapsing; twice we had to evacuate the building due to sewage backing-up inside the building.

The ARPA funds enabled us to hire engineers to determine how to best repair the roof, replace the sewage lines, and re-design-replace the electrical box so it will be good into the future. We’ve already installed a fueling system so Borough fuel usage can be monitored. Our residents will soon see considerable activity and construction at Borough Hall.”

What do you see as your accomplishments? 

Helping get $1.9 million of grants! Briefly: I obtained the final funding for the new library roof. Public Works is getting a new dump truck w/plow and salt spreader. Two curb and sidewalk grants. One new police car (likely two more!) for Chief McClay’s officers, and a grant to help decide what to do with the Stockham Building. We have a ways to go, but Morrisville is clearly headed in the right direction.

Thank you Mrs. Danko, and good luck!

PHOTO CAP: Mrs. Judith Danko

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