Spotlight: La Villa

Come for the sandwiches, stay for the desserts

La Villa has been in Morrisville since 1998, and has built an impressive following over their many years in the community. Owner Gino Lenti, who grew up in Italy, credits his mother with his love of and skill at cooking.

His mother always told him, “Gino, it’s very important not to use too much salt, or too little salt in your food, it could make or break the taste of the dish, but in his mother’s day, since food never went to waste they would eat the dish no matter how much salt was used.”

La Villa Pizza and Family Restaurant, famous in the area for their homemade, and unique take on the Chambersburg Tomato Pie, so much so that theirs is called The Famous Chambersburg Tomato Pie. They also have a line of specialty hot sandwiches and desserts that are just as famous.

La Villa has many entrees to choose from. Their specialty sandwiches, made with homemade sauce, fresh grown vegetables, are definitely  worth trying.

The Hot Porkette, and the “La Villa,” chicken breast with roasted peppers are their most popular. All of their signature sandwiches are made with the freshest ingredients, homemade sauce and homegrown vegetables.

Then, to add the perfect finishing touch to your dining experience, try their delicious desserts that are never too heavy. The most popular of their homemade desserts are the Cheesecake, and the Tiramisu.

All of La Villa’s desserts are prepared by Clelia Lenti, the wife of owner Gino Lenti. As with their entrees, the desserts are all made with the freshest ingredients.

Visit Gino, Clelia and the rest of the friendly staff at La Villa Pizza and Family Restaurant, 21 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, online at Or call them at 215-736-3113.

PHOTO CAP: Homemade desserts from La Villa Pizza (l to r), Oreo Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Cannoli, Raspberry Cheesecake. Made with love.

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