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Fletcher’s Garage car tips for hot weather

Now as the summer is coming and heating up (pun intended), there are a few things you should do to keep your vehicle running its best through the hot upcoming months.

  1. Having your cooling system checked is the first thing that comes to mind. Checking the coolant for its boiling point is important. Most engine operating temps are over 200 degrees F and since water boils at 212, degraded coolant does as well and can affect many other components within the system. Fresh coolant will protect well over 250 degrees, so rest easier with a clean, functioning system.
  2. All fluids should be checked or changed. Believe it or not, engine oil isn’t just a lubricant, it dissipates engine heat as well, keeping the metal parts at a constant temperature.
  3. Tire pressures should, as always, be set at the correct pressures. Overinflating to squeeze that additional 0.3 MPG is just not worth risking a blowout when the hot tire pressures expand while driving.
  4. AC servicing is the “Comfort” part of it, and what people mostly think of with summer heat. AC systems have really evolved to be more efficient, but they still need servicing every now and then. There is nothing worse than getting second degree burns by just merely sitting on your leather seats that feel like you just put your ‘backside’ on the sun’s surface!

You can get all that and more at Fletcher’s Garage!

Call 215.295.4931 for an appointment!

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