Spotlight: Delorenzo’s The Burg Pizza

Back in the hayday of Chambersburg culture, siblings Rick and Chick Delorenzo, offered a dynamic contrast in their contributions to the community.

Rick and Chick were both esteemed chefs with impeccable taste. Both brothers established pizzerias in the Burg and their descendants now serve the Lower Bucks County region.

Delorenzo’s The Burg Pizza was established by Rick’s grandsons Tyler and Mathew Delorenzo. Following in the family footsteps, their commitment to the community is heartfelt.

Tyler describes the subtle differences between his cousin’s place in Yardley.

“We serve pizza in the traditional triangular squares with the secret family recipe. “They serve tomato pies in squares” says Tyler from his cozy booth in the retro-décor dining room. “And there is always freshly grated cheese on the table.”

“We wear bowties; they wear ties.”

“We use cubed ice; they use crushed ice.”

As with all families, there are similarities and differences. Tyler is proud of his heritage and shares many old-time portraits in his take out dining room and the large party room which is slated for updates.

“I like to change up the portraits because our customers enjoy the old stories,” said Tyler. “We do too. Our traditional family roots go deep, and we enjoy sharing them.”

Delorenzo’s The Burg Pizza is located at 8919 New Falls Road in Levittown. For more information, visit them online at or call 215-943-2605. Also visit them on or Instagram @DeLostheBurg.

PHOTO CAP: Big Rick DeLorenzo is proud of his Grandsons Tyler and Matthew DeLorenzo.

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