Spotlight: One Day Bath’s TubcuT®

From tub to walk-in shower

One Day Bath offers two options for revitalizing your bathroom: The TubcuT®, which is a custom-modification to convert your tub to a walk-in shower; and we also offer a traditional tub-to-shower conversion, which is a specially designed acrylic shower system that includes a shower surround and fold-down seats.

TubcuT® has been providing independence and dignity in the bath for over 25 years. Our goal at One Day Bath is to provide simple solutions to everyday problems at an affordable price.

Whether you’re having a tough time climbing in and out of your bathtub or your 1970s pink tile has seen better days, we have a solution that will fit just about everyone’s budget.

From a tub-to-shower conversion to a simple TubcuT® to give you or your loved one safer access to their bathtub or a beautiful tub and wall liner to cover up that harvest gold tub and tiles without the hassle of a full demolition, to a very economical tub and tile reglazing to revitalize your bathroom at 85% savings over replacement.

You can even change the color of your fixtures and yes, we can revitalize your grout lines and even replace your existing tile.

Solving problems for people when no one else wants to and making the quality of life better for our clients is what keeps us driving forward. It’s wonderful when we can make people’s lives a bit better than yesterday.

Contact us today at 610-467-3109 to see what we can do for you and ask about our TubcuT® service, or visit

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