‘Magnificently Made’: First-time book author, eco-entrepreneur, poet, and environmentalist makes publication debut

Kayla Harris’s ‘The Stars in my Chest’ joins 33 stories of self-discovery from women in new book

Inspired Girl Publishing Group announces the publication of “Magnificently Made,” an extraordinary anthology featuring stories from 33 diverse and talented authors, including a compelling contribution from first-time book author and Bordentown, NJ resident, Kayla Harris.

Her chapter, “The Stars in My Chest,” shares a raw, profound account of her experiences shifting surrealism and reality with such lyrical rhythm. Her history paved a way for what could have been her future, but instead she took a deeper look to forge a new road ahead.

A trailblazer in sustainability and storytelling, Kayla takes readers on an introspective journey, tracing her path from a tumultuous childhood marked by trauma to a transformative awakening at college.

She discovers her purpose to fight climate change and heal the world, finding resilience and redemption in her connection with the environment and her determination to create positive change for future generations.

Her unique narrative enriches the tapestry of stories in the anthology, contributing to the book’s overall message of embracing authenticity and finding strength in one’s journey.

Through this anthology, Kayla and the authors create a space where stories are shared about body dismorphia, sexual assault, perfectionism, and a place where everyone can discover a piece of themselves.

Emmy-Award-winning producer, Tara Fogarty- Graziano, in her endorsement explains, “I have had the privilege of witnessing the profound impact that a single individual’s story can have on millions of people. Magnificently Made serves as a beautiful testament to this.”

“I am honored to be a part of this anthology alongside so many incredible women,” says Kayla. “These stories reflect the diverse human experience and the shared threads that connect us. I believe that through our vulnerabilities, we find our greatest strength.”

The book’s title, Magnificently Made, encapsulates the essence of everyone’s story, highlighting their inherent worth and beauty. This anthology serves as an inspiring reminder for women to embrace their unique narratives and recognize their inner strength.

This anthology is more than just a book; it is a source of inspiration, a gift waiting to be unwrapped by those seeking profound stories that resonate with the human soul.

As the holiday season approaches, Magnificently Made makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift, offering not only a captivating read but also the opportunity to connect with the shared humanity that binds us all.

Magnificently Made is available today. To secure your copy of Magnificently Made and embark on a transformative reading experience, please visit


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