How to detect and treat the three most common types of skin cancer

Basal cell carcinoma is considered the most common type of skin cancer. It appears as a flesh-colored, pearl-like bump, or as a pinkish patch of skin.

Basal cell carcinoma most commonly develops in people who have fair skin. If a person is exposed to the sun frequently or tans indoors, basal cell carcinoma usually develops years later. It is commonly formed on the head, neck and arms; however, it can appear anywhere on the body.

The second most common type of skin cancer is squamous cell carcinoma. SCC often appears as a red, firm bump, scaly patch or a sore that heals and then reopens. This form of skin cancer is most commonly developed in people who have light skin, but it can also develop in people who have darker skin.

SCC forms on skin that gets frequent sun exposure, such as the rim of the ear, face, neck, arms, chest and back. This type of skin cancer can grow deep into the skin, causing damage and disfigurement.

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer that has a tendency to spread and frequently develops in a mole or suddenly appears as a new dark spot on the skin. In order to manage skin cancer, visit a dermatologist for a skin cancer screening for early diagnosis and treatment.

Practicing sun safety and avoiding ultraviolet radiation are two good ways to prevent skin cancer. They can determine which type of skin cancer has developed and develop a treatment plan.

Treatment plans depend on the type of skin cancer that has been diagnosed. The standard treatment options for skin cancer are surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, a chemical peel and other drug therapies.

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