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Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance!!

As we are all feeling the grips of these high prices, especially with gasoline, the last thing you need is a vehicle breakdown or a costly repair. Fixing cars is what we do here at Fletcher’s Garage, but our customers who know us, also know that we are committed to saving them money and avoiding the heavy costs.

Sometimes a big job is needed and it hurts, but there are steps that we can take together to help your vehicle run at its optimum and save you money and lots of “down time”. Because really… you don’t want your car here for any length of time and (full disclosure), neither do we. Happy customers drive their vehicles, not share partial custody with me.

Here are some tips:

  1. Oil Change Service: The easiest and most common thing to do. Oil is the life blood of your engine. As it is subject to the engine’s heat and contaminants, it breaks down and starts to not do the job it’s intended to do.
  2. Filters: Oil filters are changed at every Oil Change Service, that’s a given. While air filters are also checked here, we find a lot of new customers have air filters that are clogged, and some even have varmint nests (sometimes with varmints STILL in them… NASTY!). Clean Air filters are CRUCIAL to engine performance and increased MPG. Imagine taking your Covid mask, filling it with 10 dirty, wet cotton balls and then trying to breathe with it on. Not good… you get the picture.
  3. Tires: Keeping your tire pressures at the PROPER inflation with help the vehicle roll easier and not push as hard, therefore increasing your important MPG. More is not better though. Too much pressure puts internal stress on the tire and as the pressure builds with summer heat, it can cause major tire problems.

These are just some of the things you can do to help There are more tips to save, but maybe remember just this ONE: come to Fletcher’s Garage LLC and we will do all of those things and MORE that we include regularly with our Oil Change Service.

Never worry and ‘fuhgedaboudit!’ Look for our ad here in the Fairless Focus and start saving TODAY! 

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