Spotlight: Newtown Fireplace Shop

Newtown Fireplace Shop specializes in providing concierge services for homeowners for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

As many are aware we have a comprehensive showroom of electric, gas, wood, and outdoor fireplaces.  Feel free to stop by and our experienced team of professionals are happy to educate you on different ideas for your fireplace projects.

Newtown Fireplace Shop also offers a comprehensive range of services, including wood sweeps, gas maintenance, chimney, and cap repairs. We are committed to safeguarding your home and family.

As the seasons change, and it warms up outside, and as your fireplace becomes dormant until the fall, it is the perfect time to undergo yearly maintenance to ensure your fireplace, stove, or insert continues to work effectively for years to come. 

Maintenance is essential for both the longevity of your fireplace and for its safe operation. Maintenance on gas components should not be completed by the homeowner as damage to any of the gas components could be potentially dangerous.

In addition, a licensed hearth professional will be trained to inspect the venting as well as checking for corrosion, excessive condensation, proper fittings, and joint connections. 

Whether you rely on a traditional wood-burning fireplace, stove, or a modern gas-powered unit, annual maintenance is crucial to prevent hazards and ensure optimal performance.

Newtown Fireplace Shop technicians are all CCP certified (Certified Chimney Professionals) and boast tenured experience and professionalism in the field. 

Reach out to schedule your annual maintenance. This will ensure your fireplace is in pristine condition before the next heating season.

Additionally, spring opens opportunities for larger projects, including ability to add outdoor firepits/tables, conduct chimney repairs, and explore custom fireplace makeovers, which our experienced team looks forward to helping you on.

You can reach us at or 215-968-3981.

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