Friends Village introduces Yoga for Seniors Program

    Friends Village has announced the launch of its highly anticipated Yoga for Seniors Program. Scheduled from May 13th to June 26th, the program will take place every Monday and Wednesday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm, spanning a seven-week period.

    Recognizing the profound impact of social interaction and engagement on overall well-being, Friends Village has enlisted the expertise of Joe Simek, an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist and a 500-Hour Level Yoga Teacher.

    As the co-owner of Dragonfly Yoga in Doylestown, Joe brings a wealth of experience, with a practice deeply rooted in contemplative traditions, including two decades as a practicing Quaker.

    His commitment to inclusivity is evident through his work with diverse groups, from emotional support students to seniors and cancer patients, emphasizing the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

    Located in historic Newtown, Friends Village is a community dedicated to the nurturing of older adults, guided by the science of healthy aging and Quaker values. Their mission is to foster purposeful living and social connectivity through a community of kindness. 

    Friends Village directs special attention to wellness, striving to prolong the health and vitality of its residents. Research is clear that our social environment and engagement with life are key contributors to well-being.

    Daily social interactions and supportive relationships are important to maintaining cognitive, physical and emotional health. Access to nature and beauty are known to contribute to healthier living. A physical home that is convenient and a pleasure to use makes life better.

    Friends Village has two beautiful campuses, well-designed apartments, programming and an array of services to help its residents live fully.

    Participants of all ages are welcome to enroll in the program for $100 per seven-week session, equivalent to $15 per session, or opt for a pay-as-you-go option at $20 per class.

    For further details or registration, interested individuals are encouraged to reach out to Laura Hornyak at 215-968-3346 extension 200 or visit

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