Pickering Manor expresses gratitude to donors for new clubhouse

    Pickering Manor extends profound gratitude to its donors for the successful completion of the Clubhouse at the Manor, reflecting the remarkable generosity and support from the community.

    The End of Year Appeal, launched in December 2022, exceeded expectations, aiming to raise funds for the renovation of The Manor at Pickering.

    Thanks to the overwhelming response from donors, including the Rotary Club of Newtown Golf Outing Fundraiser, the fundraising target was not only met but surpassed.

    At a heartfelt donor event held on March 21, at Pickering Manor, individuals and organizations whose contributions made this achievement possible were honored. Deep appreciation was extended to every donor who believed in the mission and invested in the future of Pickering Manor.

    The Manor at Pickering boasts a rich history. Formerly the cherished home of the Pickering Family, it evolved into a cornerstone for senior care in Newtown following Russell Pickering’s generous bequest upon his passing in 1955.

    Renovations were paramount to transforming The Manor, which once housed the reception area and administrative offices, into a vibrant clubhouse tailored for our Cottage Residents.

    In renovating the clubhouse, economic efficiency without compromising quality was prioritized. Partnerships with Habitat for Humanity facilitated economical floor renovations, while donated exercise equipment and dining furniture further enhanced amenities, showcasing commitment to sustainability and responsible stewardship of donations.

    Generous contributions from the Auxiliary, donating porch furniture, enhanced the clubhouse’s beauty, providing a serene environment for residents to connect with nature.

    Looking ahead, Pickering Manor is excited to continue serving residents and fulfilling its mission of providing quality care.

    With continued donor support and the dedication of the team, confidence is high that the new clubhouse will serve as a cornerstone of joy and companionship for years to come.

    For more information about Pickering Manor, opportunities to support our mission, or to schedule a tour, please visit or call 215.968.3878.

    Photo Caption: The Clubhouse at the Manor Community Room

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