Depression in adult male no match for neurofeedback

submitted by Maria Di Donato DEd, BCN, PA Licensed Psychologist, PA/NJ Certified School Psychologist

Johnathan, not his real name, a senior gentleman from Ivyland, reports that has suffered from depression most of his life. Even though he has tried medication, he reports not being happy with the effects.

His frustration with his situation led him to a web search online for alternative treatments. He responded to our website from the information he read.

In general, his concern was that he has not found joy in his life.  He indicated that his wife also sees depression in him. Johnathan reports being tired most days, has difficulty falling asleep and not getting enough sleep at night.

His job requires a lot of traveling which can be difficult at times.  On intake, Johnathan appeared dysphoric.

He reported anxiety, depression, and disrupted sleep as his major issues. Migraine headaches on occasion were also a concern.  Neurofeedback for depression was started during the first session.

He appeared to smile more and at the end of the session as he remarked “I feel happy.” He seemed to be very reassured from the training from the first session.

Johnathan has remained in treatment and has noticed the positive effects are lasting longer. He is feeling less depressed, work is less of a drag, he is sleeping better.

He reports he is enjoying his family and his hobbies more. He is also reporting fewer headaches.

Over time, with training, the positive happy feelings will last longer and longer. Eventually, he will be able space out his sessions longer and longer as his brain learns the new patterns.

Neurofeedback, an alternative to medication, is a form of biofeedback where the brain is rewarded for producing the happier and healthier waves.

This results in the better cognitive, emotional and behavioral states. As the brain learns the new patterns, improvement will be more permanent.

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