Exact Solar: Your local solar experts since 2005!

In the heart of Newtown, a local company is leading the charge toward a sustainable future. Exact Solar, the premier installer of solar energy solutions in Eastern PA and New Jersey, is a beacon of innovation, quality, and unparalleled service.

For nearly two decades, Exact Solar has been rewriting the narrative of energy consumption, crafting a legacy built on top-tier installations and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Recognized as the “Best of the Region” for Solar Installers in 2022 and bestowed with the esteemed Greater Philadelphia Civic 50 Award, Exact Solar isn’t merely transforming rooftops; they’re revolutionizing mindsets.

At the core of their success lies their dedicated team, a group of passionate individuals who guide and educate their customers through every phase of their solar journey. Sales, design, installation, and ongoing service are all handled in-house by their team of full-time solar experts.

Unlike their competitors, Exact Solar doesn’t subcontract their work. Instead, they invest in their clients by maintaining complete control over the process, ensuring excellence at every turn.

“Join us in the mission to fight climate change and help our planet!” beckons Exact Solar, extending an invitation to embrace energy independence.

Their seasoned sales engineers stand ready, offering personalized consultations to guide individuals toward a brighter, cleaner future. Exact Solar’s expertise extends beyond residential projects; they also specialize in light commercial installations with equal finesse.

Roof or ground mount, their installations seamlessly blend sustainability with efficiency, having completed over 2,000 systems in the local area. What sets Exact Solar apart isn’t just their expertise; it’s their dedication.

Their commitment doesn’t end at installation. A robust service department coupled with a remote troubleshooting team ensures that customers receive ongoing support, fostering a relationship built on trust and reliability. Their dedication transcends their own installations.

Solar Orphan Service™ (SOS) – a unique initiative by Exact Solar – fills a critical gap in the industry.

If your original installer has vanished into the shadows, Exact Solar steps in as a guiding light, offering assistance and expertise to keep existing systems shining bright. In a world where environmental consciousness is imperative, Exact Solar isn’t just installing solar systems; they’re planting seeds of change.

They are the architects of a sustainable tomorrow, one sunbeam at a time. For those seeking not just an installer, but a partner in their sustainability journey, Exact Solar is illuminating the path toward a brighter, greener future.

Contact Exact Solar today and let them guide you toward a world powered by the sun, where sustainability and excellence converge to create a legacy of change. You can reach them by phone at (215)621-8353, or visit their website at

PHOTO CAP:  A recent residential solar installation by Exact Solar, featured in the 2023 ASES National Solar Tour.

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