Winter is coming

    Winter is almost here and it is best to make sure your heating system is ready to go. No one wants to run out of fuel or have their heating system break in the dead of winter.

    Kenderdine’s Heating Oil & HVAC are here to help! We are a local family owned and operated business for over 50 years, specializing in HVAC installations, automatic heating oil home deliveries, and upkeep maintenance for all major heating systems.

    Sometimes getting an emergency appointment scheduled to get your heating system fixed in the middle of winter can be difficult, so we created a checklist to ensure your system is winter ready.

    1. Schedule A Maintenance Check because over time parts can eventually wear and break. Getting a routine maintenance check can ensure peak performance of your heater.
    2. Check emergency shut off switches and breakers prior to turning on your heater for the first time this cold season.
    3. Change your air filter at least twice a year, mainly at the beginning of winter.
    4. Check the fuel level for your heating oil prior and throughout winter. For oil heat users consider contacting us for automatic heating oil delivery then you wouldn’t have to worry about checking your tank.

    Kenderdine’s Heating Oil & HVAC is more than a service provider; it’s a partner that ensures indoor comfort and will make sure your heating and cooling systems are properly working no matter what time of year. We pride ourselves on knowing that we make our customers feel like they are part of our family.

    Our history of successful service installations, and our forward-looking approach will continue to be our driving force in the ever-evolving HVAC industry. Contact Kenderdine’s Heating Oil & HVAC at 215-968-2041 or

    PHOTO CAP: New gas furnace installation

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