Falling into style at Dress To The 9s Consignment Shop

Hey there, fellow fashion enthusiasts!

Summer days are all but gone, and you can practically smell the pumpkin spice in the air.

It’s that time to say goodbye to lazy days on the beach and backyard barbecues and get ready for shorter days and crisp, cool air. With the promise of pumpkin patches, apple picking and cozy evenings by the fire, it’s time to transition your wardrobe from light and breezy to warm and cozy.

There’s no better place to embrace the new season and update your fall fashion than Dress To The 9s Consignment Shop!

Located on 9 N. State Street in Newtown, our little shop is a treasure trove of fall fashion possibilities waiting to be explored. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has kept us busy collecting the best pieces from our amazing consignors. Chunky knit sweaters, stylish wool blend pants, leather jackets, trendy dresses and must have boots, we have designer labels and contemporary trends that effortlessly blend classic sophistication with contemporary allure without breaking the bank.

In addition to clothing, we boast an array of accessories that complement the fall aesthetic. From scarves, hats and statement jewelry, to designer handbags, we are ready to be your style companion for the season!

Beyond fashion, Dress To The 9s Consignment Shop is committed to  promoting sustainability and conscious consumerism. By shopping secondhand, you’re not only supporting our small business but also helping us move toward a more environmentally friendly way of shopping.

This allows you to look your best while reducing your fashion carbon footprint. We are more than just a shopping destination.

Here you’ll be met with warm smiles and friendly conversations. We swap stories, share life updates, and embrace a community that celebrates fashion, connection, and the joys of fall.

Follow us at @dresstothe9sconsig on Facebook @dresstothe9snewtown and visit our website at 215-944-8907.

PHOTO CAP: CHANEL Coat from the Moscow Collection

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