Spotlight: The Ladies of History

The Ladies of History Historical Productions now performs at venues all over PA, NJ, MD, and DE, from libraries, schools and historical societies to social clubs, private parties, and fundraising events.

Alisa Dupuy is a recently retired teacher from Princeton Public Schools where she taught French for over 26 years. She lives in Bucks County and is thrilled to have the opportunity to pursue more avenues with The Ladies of History Historical Productions.

She offers close to 40 different shows and does first-person portrayals of over two dozen real women, including Queen Victoria, Clara Barton, Martha Washington, Catherine the Great of Russia, and WWII spymistress Vera Atkins. 

Dupuy focuses on bringing her characters to life, allowing participants to feel “they really got to know the woman behind the portrait,” as she says. Dupuy realizes that so many women of all creeds were virtually left out of the historical narrative and seeks to bring these women to the forefront, illustrating their private lives as well as their contributions to society.

Three new shows for this year are Adrienne Lafayette, wife of the celebrated General Lafayette, Queen Elizabeth II circa 1977 and Elizabeth Van Lew, Civil War spy.  When asked about her favorite show, she says, “When I bring a tear to someone’s eye, or when someone tells me I had them fully believing that I actually WAS the person I am portraying, that is the best show.”

Her list of shows, testimonials and pictures, as well as a special link for schools, can be found on her website, For more information, call 215-778-9860 or e-mail

PHOTO CAP: Alisa Dupuy as Queen Elizabeth II

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