Spotlight: The Birches of Newtown

Residents at The Birches at Newtown are the stars of the show. One, in particular, is remembered as a true leading lady.

Edie had a warm personality, a friendly disposition, and a smile that made you smile back! Her outgoing nature was a part of who she was, and when given a few words to a song, her delightful voice would always carry the tune.

Formerly, she was a dedicated nurse who earned her degree at Temple University and made a career as a nursing home administrator. Following retirement, she and her husband, John, moved to Florida, where they coordinated glamorous, star-studded events for their adult community.

“She was a partner in anything I was involved,” John said.

At times, the couple became part of the show. Pictures on a table capture the pair’s duets, Edie in an eye-catching sequined costume with a complementing headdress, and many other renowned performances.

“These are some old photos from many years ago,” John said, flashing a fond smile.

Edie loved being a part of the action. Although she was not a professional dancer, you wouldn’t have thought otherwise as she was certainly talented!  She was known for her renditions as Dolly Parton. Edie loved her music, and according to John, she gave a fabulous impersonation of the country superstar.

At The Birches, Edie’s memories were fading, but John helped her to reminisce. Before she passed, he visited Edie daily, accompanying her to many of her favorite activities. The Birches encouraged her lively nature and talented attributes through daily exercise classes and musical events like music therapy, singalongs, and karaoke.

Through music, Edie and John continued to experience joyful moments performing for residents and staff when they’d join in song, putting on a memorable performance.

PHOTO CAP: Edie had a zest for life, and upon retiring, singing and dancing in locally produced shows at “On Top of the World” provided an outlet for her many talents. Edie will be missed by her husband, John, family and friends, and the entire Birches of Newtown community.

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