Spotlight: Ray McClintic

“….and they lived happily ever after!”

If only that were universally true. Life just eats away at that; bills to pay, in-laws, children, career and so on.

You have always had the potential to be in a happy relationship. It is no fault of yours that things have become routine, perhaps even boring.

You need a relationship coach to help you find that potential you once had. When you met that special person and maybe married them you had dreams and hopes for the future.

That special person was the focus of your life and still should be now. Let me help you find your way back and get back the potential to be happy and look forward to the future with your significant other.

Coaching is not therapy for relationships suffering from deceit, abuse or violence and heading for divorce. Those issues are for marital counselors.

Coaches work to help find the desires of both parties to common goal. I have a MS in Counseling Psychology and my years of marital therapy have taught me that most couples don’t need counseling.

Many have just lost their way and have no direction in their relationship. Just like a sports team without a coach they lack direction and their chance of winning would be by luck.

Relationships don’t work well on luck either. It is often overlooked that each person in a relationship is like a team within themselves with strengths, weaknesses, dreams and expectations.

Thus, when two people are in a relationship, it’s like two teams meeting. The longer they stay together the more value a coach can be in them winning and finding togetherness and happiness.  You don’t have to have a bad relationship to have a coach, just the desire to have a better one!

To schedule your consult, contact Ray at 215-245-8140 or

PHOTO CAP: Ready and waiting for YOU!

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