Myths about selling real estate

submitted by Mike O’Neil, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox & Roach Realtors

While much of the country has slowed down with regard to real estate, our local market is still strong, due mainly to lack of inventory…homes for sale.

Here are a few things I hear from sellers, which I feel compelled to comment on:

  1. I don’t have to prepare my home for sale; buyers are desperate! Wrong! Perspective buyers are generally setting their expectations high and are willing to pay more for a house in great shape. Stretching their budget means little money for repairs and improvements. To properly clean, paint, and stage a home correctly means a much higher bottom line for the seller!
  2. I can price my home much higher than my neighbor last year. That depends! To create multiple bids, pricing is key. List too low may sell above asking and still leave money on the table. List too high and scare away potential buyers. Having an experienced agent makes all the difference. List the price correctly and you will have multiple bids. Remember you are hiring the best negotiator, and with many bids, the market will set the price. The experience of the agent and knowledge of the area is key.
  3. All buyers are now willing to waive inspections. Again, not true. I have a home inspection done on all my listings and sales, and now you can market a home in as is condition. A professional home inspection prior to sale can be a great aid in realizing the highest and best offer, being able to answer buyer’s concerns. Naturally, this may vary according to circumstances.

Having said this, it’s still a great time to sell or buy. We have no indications the market will decline.

The key is working with an experienced agent, familiar with the area, knowledgeable about construction, and having a proven track record. That would be me!

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