Tree planting helps protect and enhance Williamson Park

submitted by Debbie Colgan, Morrisville Environmental Advisory Council

The Morrisville Environmental Advisory Council (MEAC) has participated in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s TreeVitalize Tree Tender Program over the years. The Tree Tenders Program trains community volunteers on proper tree planting and care, and offers low cost bare root trees for community plantings each fall and spring.

This fall, the program is planting over 1,700 trees in southeastern PA. The MEAC is taking advantage of this opportunity again to plant eight trees in Williamson Park.

MEAC member Gary Wallace is the Project Coordinator for the event. The “Save Williamson Park” group has helped with fundraising and promotion.

Together, the goal is to preserve, protect and enhance Williamson Park. The MEAC has chosen native species of linden and maple for an area where they have long wanted to plant.

This is in anticipation of future improvements to the Park where they envision walking paths, benches, trees and plants, along with other features to be decided.

Morrisville Borough is currently developing a master site plan for the Park. This is a first step to creating an attractive and welcoming entry to the Park from our downtown area and as a gateway into Morrisville from the Trenton Makes Bridge.

In addition to their beauty, trees provide many benefits including cleaner air, stormwater management, wildlife habitat and support, summer cooling and an increased sense of well-being.

Tree plantings are an essential component of our Sustainability and Resiliency Plan to address the adverse effects of climate change.


  1. Debby Colgan, MEAC Chair, prepares a tree for planting.
  2. From left, Gary Wallace, MEAC Project Coordinator, John Manning, Morrisville Constable (standing), Kathleen and Carson Wallace plant one of eight trees.
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