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Cat making biscuits?

Cat owners are likely familiar with their feline friend’s kneading behavior, or what many cat owners affectionately refer to as “making biscuits” because of its similarity to a baker who pushes and pulls dough.

A kneading cat massages or repeatedly pushes their toes into a soft or cushioned surface, such as a plush blanket, fellow pet, or warm human lap. You can rest assured that the kneading behavior is completely normal, and one that you should allow your feline friend to express.

Kittens knead their mother when nursing to stimulate milk production. Feline experts theorize that adult cats knead to re-create the feel-good hormone release that occurs during nursing.

Kneading brings them comfort and helps them release tension and relax. Other reasons for kneading include: to get comfortable, to show affection to their favorite person, and to scent mark.

Kneading can become a problem if your cat’s claws are damaging your furniture or injuring household members. When this happens, you should never yell at or punish your cat; your cat needs an acceptable outlet to express their instincts.

Choose a thick, plush blanket and designate it as your cat’s kneading surface. When you see your cat kneading something you don’t want destroyed, try to attract their attention to the blanket or use a toy to redirect the behavior to something appropriate.

If your cat kneads your lap, keep a blanket nearby to protect yourself when your feline friend approaches for cuddle time.

Regular nail trimming prevents sharp points that snag furniture and skin and providing multiple scratching posts throughout your home to help redirect your cat’s energy to another activity.

Allowing your cat to express their instinctual behaviors in a healthy and non-destructive way can help keep them happy and content.

VCA Neshaminy Animal Hospital is located at 4197 E. Bristol Road in Trevose. Call 215-355-1116 to schedule an appointment.

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