MEAC celebrates Earth Day with tree planting

The Morrisville Environmental Advisory Council (MEAC) celebrated Earth Day weekend with a tree planting in Williamson Park.

Community members planted 10 trees throughout the park, including native species, to beautify and enhance our much beloved treasure in Morrisville.

Trees provide so many benefits: managing stormwater, providing shade to decrease heat islands, health benefits through their calming effects reducing stress, decreasing air pollution to reduce symptoms of asthma in children at play, and economic benefits in increasing property value. 

Vibrant parks and open spaces contribute to the overall well-being of a community and are a driver of economic development.

Linking our parks with our downtown, neighborhoods, and historical sites will attract visitors, families, and businesses to further enhance our vibrant community.  

Williamson Park continues to be a vital asset for Morrisville since its creation in 1938. The Park hosts a variety of recreational activities and special events to bring the community together. 

Williamson Park is uniquely situated along the Delaware River and the Atlantic flyway, an important pathway for migrating birds, as well as the East Coast Greenway, a walking and biking route connecting our nation’s most populated corridor.

Williamson Park allows for a unique convergence of ecosystems and connected recreational paths that is not seen elsewhere in the county and is truly deserving to be celebrated! 

Residents are awaiting further discussion of Morrisville Borough’s Master Site Plan for Williamson Park and have many wonderful ideas for its enhancement including walking trails within the park. 

The tree planting was made possible through the generous donation of Reldan Metals, a local business that reclaims precious metals, reducing the need for new metal mining. 

PHOTO CAP: A group from Reldan Metals helped with the tree planting activities.

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