Historic Hilltown April events

The Historical Society of Hilltown Township will hold an Open House on Sunday April 14th, from 1:30 to 4:00pm at the Strassburger Farmstead, 407 Keystone Drive and Bethlehem Pike, Sellersville.

The Open House will include a presentation at 2:00 by Keith Schaffer, Dowser. For many centuries, dowsing was the means to find water. In fact, you were considered a fool NOT to consult a dowser when looking for water.

Up to the late 1800s, dowsers were in demand, using a Y rod or two L rods to locate water. Join Keith as he demonstrates the art of dowsing and try your hand dowsing on the Strassburger Farmstead property.

Up to 99% of people can dowse, come out and see what you find!

And on Wednesday, April 24th at 7:00pm, join author and speaker Julie Henning as she shares her life story, “Rags to Riches,” at the Hilltown Township Building, 13 W. Creamery Road and Route 152, Hilltown Township

Born in South Korea in 1953, Julie’s mother devoted herself to raising her daughter alone.

When Julie’s mother died, Julie, studying and living at the Pearl S. Buck Opportunity Center in Korea, caught the attention of Pearl Buck, who brought Julie to the United States to live in her Hilltown estate.

Hear her story, which started in poverty and who is now a renowned speaker for the cause of other Amerasians.

Her book, “A Rose in a Ditch,” will be available for purchase. Both of these events are free to attend, but donations are appreciated. For more info visit or call 267-614-9174.

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