Alan Tongret addresses book club

On March 4th, author Alan Tongret was the guest speaker for the St. Joseph’s Court Book Club in Fallsington. 

Tongret, whose newest novel, “Diamonds in the Rough,” will be out this spring, chose to use his last novel, “Revolt of the Moles,” to take the group through a writer’s journey.

This ranged from his motivation in choosing the theme to the many drafts of the cover (which he created), and what part an “aptronym” plays in satire, to the technical advice he received on noise pollution.

He also included a view into the many complexities of publication, the reasons for new editions, and a variety of stumbling blocks along the way. The audience asked questions, enjoyed the author’s sense of humor, and expressed a hope he would return to the group when his new novel it out.

The Club hosted a reception afterward. Alan’s books have been added to the stacks at Fallsington Library.

PHOTO CAP: Author Alan Tongret (right) joins book enthusiasts Marylee Gervin (left), Marylou Reynolds, and Book Club President, Nancy Coleman.

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