From cyber school to campus leader

    Meet Kayla Collins, a 2022 graduate of the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (PA Cyber), who is making waves at Seton Hill University as she takes on leadership roles and extracurricular activities.

    What have you been doing since graduating from PA Cyber in 2022? I’m currently a sophomore at Seton Hill University, with a Biology major and a Psychology minor. I’m a student teaching assistant for our First-Year Seminar course and an Orientation Leader Captain. In February I presented cognitive psychology research as a first author at the Eastern Psychological Association conference in Philadelphia!

    How do you think PA Cyber prepared you for this path?

    PA Cyber prepared me for this path by teaching me that I can handle as much work as I want to. People sometimes tell me I’m involved in too many extracurriculars and that I’ll have no time; I tell them, “There’s no such thing as being too involved if it’s the level of involvement I want!”

    How did you benefit from school choice? In my previous brick-and-mortar school, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn the independence I now have. I chose my schedule, when I submitted my assignments, where I attended class from. PA Cyber helped me create my own independent style of work ethic that I use every single day.

    What advice would you give to students? Every day, take steps toward who you want to be for the rest of your life. Each choice you make – whether it’s to pay attention in class or sit on your phone instead – plays a small role in where you’ll end up in life. Those small roles add up to who you are and who you will be, so start becoming your best self now!

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    PHOTO CAP: Kayla Collins, a PA Cyber alumna, is thriving at Seton Hill University.

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