Spotlight: Sir Grout

We provide top-notch tile, grout, stone, and wood restoration and care services designed to enhance and protect hard surfaces in homes and businesses.

Sir Grout is a leading innovator and award-winning company in the “hard surface” restoration and care industry that recognizes the special needs of home and business owners. 

Residential Services:

  • Tile and Grout Services – Over time, dirt and grime build up on your tile and grout causing it to look dirty and unattractive. The purpose of our cleaning, sealing, and recoloring services is to counteract this when it happens. We are also experts in caulking and can help you prevent costly repairs in the future. Whether you need new caulking or caulk repair, our technicians are highly qualified to help.
  • Stone Services – The cleaning, polishing, repair, sealing, and restoration services that we offer provide exactly what your stone surfaces need to keep them looking as pristine as when they were first installed.
  • Wood Services – Wear and tear on your hardwood floors is inevitable, but your worn-down floors don’t have to stay this way. Our wood services were uniquely designed to provide thorough restoration. Both our No Sanding Wood Armor Refinishing and our Wood Deep Cleaning services have the power to make your wood floors look as good as new.

Commercial Services:

Sir Grout offers the same exceptional quality Tile and Grout Services and Stone Services for commercial buildings. We can dramatically improve the aesthetic of large tile and grout surfaces as well as stone surfaces found in lobbies, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools and office buildings. We also offer flexible maintenance plans based on your needs.  

Keep your surfaces fully protected, gorgeous-looking, and prevent any costly repairs.

Call Sir Grout Bucks at 215-450-5763 to enjoy a free evaluation and quote for any of our services in your home or business.

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