Community Good Works Edition

    We join with our neighbors in welcoming in the new year – not just with words but with actions.

    We all play an important role.  Families, schools, government, businesses, clubs, and organizations all contributing important ingredients to create community.

    In order for us to thrive, we must trust and support each other. By living and working in good faith (to the best of our abilities) we carry out our roles as promised.

    We all have strengths and weaknesses and if we can find opportunities to do Good Works, each one of us can contribute to building a strong community.

    It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I present to you this year’s community edition, weaving together the colorful and vibrant fabric of life that represents your hometown.

    Further, we publish with the same goal every month. Curating a mix of paid and free news and we hope that it inspires you to become or continue to be a Good Works contributor all year long.

    Warm regards,

    Donna Allen, Publisher

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