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Greetings readers.

If you have followed my articles in the past you probably can figure out that I really like what I do. I graduated my podiatry residency back in 2011 and since then I have met so many wonderful people who have needed podiatric medical services. 

Some of my patients have only needed basic services, but others have needed the works. Regardless of each patient’s needs, I have always given that person all the attention and effort they need to help maintain or resolve their problems. 

Whether you are a person who only needs a routine foot care visit, or a person who has pain, wounds, deformities or injuries, I’ll treat you with respect and compassion. My job is to diagnose, treat, support and educate my patients so they can live their best life with the least amount of foot issues possible.

Hopefully I can have a chance to help you too.  My grandmother was my first foot care patient.

She was so patient with me when I was learning my podiatry trade in the early days. She would say ‘ouch’ from time to time which helped me learn what was good and what wasn’t.

Best was that she always invited me back to practice a few months later. She helped me hone my skills of compassionate care and solidified my caring philosophy…“treat every person like they were your grandmother.” 

When it comes to folks with medical interaction anxiety, I have also learned that building trust is one of the most important things to do with a patient. I learned early that if you respect someone’s anxiety about needles or medical procedures, creating trust can ease the anxiety and move the ball forward with almost all patients. 

If you need a caring podiatrist soon, please call Sohl Foot & Ankle at 267-699-3839.

PHOTO CAP: Whether your feet are big or small, we can help.

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