Spotlight: Joe McIlvaine’s Tree Service

As fall starts to set in and pumpkin spice becomes popular again, it’s your last chance to give your trees some care before they go dormant. You can apply slow release fertilizer and deep root watering to give your tree the nutrients to replenish it from the long hot summer, fortify roots for the deep freezes and restore any insect damage that may have occurred.

We also can prepare the tree for harsh winter storms ahead. This preventative maintenance can include thinning and dead wooding trees to prevent limb loss.

You can also cable and brace trees to relieve pressure off of weak crotches to minimize the risk of limb loss from ice and snow build up. The fall season also is a great time to restore shade trees and landscape material that was lost during the summer storms.

These trees benefit from the cooler temperatures and higher chances of rain. There is less chance of transplant shock, sun scorch and have a chance to build a healthy root system before winter sets in.

If you would like a free consult to maintain your trees and prepare them for the winter give Joe McIlvaine’s Tree Service a call at 215-322-8394 to set up an appointment.

PHOTO CAP: Fall is the time to give your trees the extra care and attention they need. 

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