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Manifestation – can optimism change reality?

Findings from a 2007 study that conducted with prominent neuroscientist Elisabeth Phelps suggest that directing our thoughts of the future towards positive thoughts is a result of our frontal cortex communicating with the subcortical regions deep in the forehead to bring things into fruition.

Expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies by altering our performance and actions, which ultimately affects what happens in the future.

Mind propulsion is necessary to propel the mind to a state of believing that the mind is capable of being infinite. The mind has the ability to explore the borders of our imagination. God is bountiful and is beyond all boundaries and so is the potential of all mankind to live a life of limitless awareness. We are capable of moving mountains and nothing is impossible for you. 

Materialization in the physical world occurs when the subcortical regions of your brain receive your positive thoughts with intentions from the cortex and then transmits this information out into the universe which understands all your needs. Mind propulsion is necessary to propel the mind forward to do this.

The brain is made up of the same atoms and molecules that are in the rest of the universe. A new study found similarities between the human brain and the cosmic network of galaxies. When the universe receives your positive thoughts, it puts into movement the wheels of motion to bring your thoughts into materialization. (contributing material from Time Magazine).

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PHOTO CAP: The brain is aligned with the network of galaxies.

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