Spotlight: C&C Family Roofing and Siding

When it rains it pours

Nobody likes to get wet when it’s unexpected. Have you had a glass of water spilled on your lap at a restaurant, getting caught in a sudden rainfall or when a car splashes puddle water at you while you are walking?

All these situations make for a miserable day. But have you ever had unexpected water in your home.

Wet clothes are a lot less stressful than a wet carpet, furniture, drywall or basement. Often these sudden water penetrations issues are a result of clogged or defective gutters.

Defective or loosely secured gutters can be a result of snow and ice creating downward pressure on the old hanger of the gutters causing them to fall out of alignment. When gutters don’t perform the way they are supposed to they can cause all kinds of problems.

Water will spill over the edge of the gutter and splash against windows, in the landscaping or against the foundation. Gutters are intended to control or manage the removal of rainwater from off the roof and direct it to areas on the ground that will cause the least amount of trouble.

Here are some ways that homeowners can prevent these unexpected water issues from occurring. Have your gutters cleaned out two times a year (in the spring when the trees bloom and in the fall when the leaves fall).

Have your gutters and down spouts secured to the house and aligned properly. If the gutters are in total disrepair have them replaced.

Make sure that the size of the gutters matches the amount of water that is being managed. Have a good gutter guard screen installed on your gutters to prevent leaves and debris from causing future problems.

You can count on C&C Family Roofing and Siding for all your siding and roofing needs.

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