Is it time to change your timing belt?

submitted by Lad Hucaluk, owner, Doylestown Sunoco

The timing belt in your vehicle synchronizes the movement between the camshaft and the crankshaft. If any part of this system is not in synch, your engine may end up with misfires causing a loss of power to your engine, losing fuel economy, and in some cases, an inability to start your car.

Serious damage can occur if your timing belt isn’t working correctly. If it slips off, you could end up with complete engine failure.

Timing belts are rubber belts that slip over the gears of your engine allowing them to turn. There are teeth on the inside of the belt that enable it to grab and these teeth can dry out and/or fall off.

Timing belts should be changed approximately every 100K miles. Depending on the car, some will need to be changed at 60K miles or seven years, whichever comes first.

If your belt were to slip, break or fall off, the damage could result in an extensive repair. Doylestown Sunoco replaces timing belts every day and is currently running a $50 OFF sale on timing belt kits.

Once replaced, your car can go another 100K miles or seven years without having to worry. Call us today at 215-345-7676 to schedule an appointment.

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