Doylestown Friends Meeting hosting a moving and informative film

    What does “redskin” actually mean? What really happened at boarding schools like the Carlisle Indian Industrial School?

    What can we do today to help the healing from our painful history with Indigenous peoples? 

    On Sunday, December 3rd, join the Coalition of Natives and Allies (CAN), a cross cultural collaborative of women, at 2:00pm, at the Doylestown Friends Meeting, located at 95 E. Oakland Avenue, Doylestown, for a moving and informative film entitled “Native Women and Allies Speak: What You Weren’t Taught in School.”

    Made under the support and guidance of Oscar-nominated filmmaker Eli Noves, the film is unique in that it is voiced by both Indigenous and ally voices.

    In addition to a potent historical overview, the film shares three personal and moving stories about a Native child forced into a Canadian residential school, never to see his parents again; adoption of Native babies and children by whites; and an ongoing, 14-year battle with a Pennsylvania school district to eradicate the racist Redskins mascot that continues today.

    The CNA formed in 2019 to address the injustice of using Native peoples for sports mascots. They have been offering their educational program to churches, universities, history conferences, and schools.

    They have spoken at school board meetings on the harm of using Native people for sports mascots and helped several school districts make the change away from that practice. They are also working with the Pennsylvania State Legislature on a bill that would help Pennsylvania join 11 other states who have created laws to end using Native American mascots.

    A 30-minute Q&A with CNA members follows the 50-minute film. Admission: free-will donation to CNA.

    For more information, contact Arla Patch at

    PHOTO CAP: Co-founding members of CNA: Lynne Azarchi (Ally), Kelley Bova (Dakota), Donna Fann-Boyle (Choctaw/Cherokee), Arla Patch (Ally), Ramona Woods (Mohawk).

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