Bucks for Kids donation

Bucks for Kids gratefully received a $206 donation from Tommy Lustig, sister Genevieve, and their parents from Pipersville.

With the help of their grandfather, the children grew beautiful sunflowers and then sold them in Doylestown Borough. Sales brought in $103 and then parents Daniel and Danielle Lustig matched their children’s proceeds.

Their gift will support our work with teens and kids cared for by Bucks County Children & Youth. Pictured from left are Daniel Lustig, Danielle Lustig and Tommy Lustig.

Bucks for Kids is an all-volunteer organization that has for over 30 years helped fund extracurricular activities for kids and teens being cared for by Bucks County Children & Youth: Summer camp, sports fees, music and art lessons, tutoring, clothing, class trips, laptops, books for college, etc. 

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