Spotlight: Sir Grout

    Restore stone surfaces to their original glory!

    Stone Restoration

    In order to keep the marble, granite, travertine, and/or slate surfaces in your home or business looking shiny, clean, and smooth, it is necessary to use proper stone care and maintenance.

    The cleaning, polishing, repair, sealing, and restoration services that Sir Grout Bucks offers provide exactly what your stone surfaces need to keep them looking as pristine as when they were first installed. Regardless of the type of stone surface you have, Sir Grout is highly qualified to restore its aesthetic.

    Stone Cleaning

    Depending on the type of stone you have, Sir Grout can pre-treat your stone with a pH-neutral cleaner and then use our state-of-the-art vertical scrubbing system, which is specially designed for deep cleaning delicate stone.

    Stone Sealing

    We provide a variety of sealing options for the stone surfaces you have in your home or business. Granite, marble (honed, polished and tumbled), limestone and travertine may be treated with our proprietary, water-born, polymer sealer known as Tile Armor.

    This sealer will provide maximum protection for 12-18 months. Cleft stones, such as slate, may require other types of sealants to protect and add some luster back to their surface. In all cases, our services will make stone surfaces easier to maintain.

    Stone Countertop Sealing

    Have you had your stone countertops sealed recently? If not, now is the time! Spills are an everyday occurrence, and when a countertop is composed of a naturally porous stone like marble, limestone, travertine, etc., they can cause a lot of damage.

    When an acidic substance like coffee, juice, or tea gets spilled on a stone surface that needs to be sealed or resealed, it is likely to leave behind an unattractive etch mark or stain. Having your countertop sealed will provide a strong barrier that will protect your countertop against most stains.

    Restore your stone surfaces today! Call Sir Grout at 215-450-5763. 

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