Spotlight: PA Cyber

    Alternative K-12 public school

    The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (PA Cyber) offers students in grades K-12 an alternative to traditional education. Families look beyond their local school district for a range of reasons, and sometimes it’s necessary to try a new school experience.

    After 23 years of perfecting online education and with a legacy of 21,000 graduates, PA Cyber has demonstrated that learning online is an effective long-term solution for many students. While PA Cyber is an alternative public school, it is similar to traditional public schools in many ways.

    State-certified teachers follow curriculum guidelines set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Students gather for field trips and school dances, join clubs, and form friendships.

    They take standardized tests. They see school nurses and guidance counselors. They meet specific graduation requirements so they can earn their diploma, walk across the stage, and toss their caps into the air.

    Where PA Cyber stands out is how our students learn – they find learning online to be the best option for them. Each student has their own reason for choosing PA Cyber, but they all benefit from the flexibility of a public cyber school. Students can take school on the road to soccer practice or to grandma’s house.

    They attend in-person events at one of our nine regional offices, and afterward resume classes with their school-provided laptop and headset. They have more time for family, work, volunteering, athletic and arts training, and other interests.

    They are empowered to never stop learning. Enrollment is open for the 2023–2024 school year.

    Explore PA Cyber as an option for your child at or call 724-643-1180.

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