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    What is regenerative medicine? 

    You’ve probably heard the radio commercials and seen the news articles about famous athletes getting regenerative treatments. Now these healing treatments are widely available. 

    As we get older our ability to regenerate a damaged joint diminishes. An injury from which we could have recovered more easily when we were younger takes longer or may not happen at all. Additional stressors like poor diet, drugs, and physical stressors cause inflammation in our joints.

    The unfortunate common progression for a knee pain sufferer is to take over-the-counter medications, potentially for years. These can disrupt your liver and kidneys and can also cause death in rare cases.

    They can also actually worsen the joint. Once these medications stop working, people will often get a Cortisone shot.

    Cortisone shots raise your blood sugar, cause bone loss, and actually degrade the joint, which is why you can only get three shots.

    Hyaluronic acid and chicken cartilage can also be injected, and these can give a little space between the joint but soon, those fluids wear out of the joint and don’t do anything to repair the joint.  The more of these injections you get, the shorter their effects. These methods are not intended to restore joint function but only to offer temporary relief. 

    What if there were a safe, natural, and effective way that you could restore the function in your joint naturally, reducing pain and inflammation?  That’s where regenerative medicine comes in.

    Imagine all the things you could do again without pain!  Would you exercise more, do more things around the house, or spend more time with your loved ones?

    Come learn more at our free joint pain seminars presented by Lachman and Associates. Call 267-406-0782 for upcoming dates and times. 

    PHOTO CAP: Joint pain? Explore the benefits of regenerative medicine!

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