Spotlight: Gusto Ristorante Italiano

    Offering an authentic Italian dining experience in Bucks County

    Gusto Ristorante Italiano BYOB opened in September 2022 with the mission of bringing true, traditional Italian culinary art to the area. In Italian, the word for “taste” is “gusto” so the restaurant’s name is synonymous with “A Taste of Italy.”

    The owner, Andrea Esposito, is from Napoli, Italia. As a pizzaiolo and chef in both Italy and the US, he refuses to compromise the taste, quality, or authenticity of his dishes.

    Using only the best quality ingredients available on the Italian market, all ingredients are thoughtfully selected and imported from Italy. All items are grown, produced, and packaged in Italy.

    Chef Andrea Esposito, together with his wife Giuseppina, prepare in-house every morning what cannot be imported using the ingredients purchased from Italy. All of the pasta, bread, meatballs, mozzarella, and stracciatella are homemade following traditional Italian recipes, with only Italian and seasonal ingredients.

    At Gusto, we want our guests to experience and enjoy the authentic taste and culture of our homeland. Gusto’s menu is designed to allow diners to experience Italy’s cuisine without having to make the trip; we want you to feel like you are enjoying a meal in Italy every time you dine with us.

    A traditional Italian meal usually consists of several courses and the portion of every dish offered at Gusto follows the Italian meal structure:

    “Antipasto,” meaning appetizer, “Primi piatti,” first course of pasta, “Secondi piatti,” second course of just protein (no pasta).

    Here at Gusto, like in Italy, the portion size is very exact, allowing you to enjoy your entire meal. Gusto has already been recognized with several awards including Eccellenze Italiane (based out of Italy), 5 Reason to Visit, Best Italian Restaurant in PA, and Bucks Happening Finalist in three categories – BYOB, Italian Restaurant and Chef.

    For a memorable and authentic Italian dining experience, visit Gusto Ristorante Italiano, BYOB at 430 W. Street Road, Feasterville.

    Private parties welcomed. For reservations or for more information, email or, call or text 215.322.9979. www.gustobyob.wixsite/gustofeasterville.

    PHOTO CAP: Gusto Ristorante Italiano owners, Chef Andrea Esposito and wife Giuseppina.

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