Spotlight Capstone Physical Therapy and Fitness

    It is back to school and back to sports season. Statistically muscle strains are the most common injury, with ligament sprains not far behind, during this pre-season and early season time frame.

    Fortunately, Capstone Physical Therapy and Fitness in Morrisville can help get you back to doing what you love in a safe manner and most of the time you end up better than you were prior to your injury. At Capstone, the Physical Therapists have advanced training in functional chain reaction biomechanics which is an approach at looking at the entire body rather than just the injured joint.

    Where most PTs focus on restoring strength and range of motion, the missing link is balance. Capstone incorporates balance and stability in all aspects of rehab and tailor programs for the specific needs of the patient’s sport or activity through use of transformational zone assessment.

    Treatment plans focus on balance, stability and mobility.

    “Mostability” is a blend of the words mobility and stability. Without stability through a movement pattern, mobility alone can actually lead to repeat injury.

    Capstone’s unconventional approach uses control of body weight first, then improving the envelope of functional range with control. Once they are achieved, external resistance can be added.

    This is done in small and controlled increments with the goal being better function rather than just more resistance. performance in a given sport or activity, give Capstone Physical Therapy a call to schedule a screen.

    All therapists have direct access licenses allowing you to see them without a prescription from a doctor.

    Call 215-677-1149 or visit

    PHOTO CAP: Brian Kirby working on mostability exercise with his patient/daughter to load left hip and help prevent left knee injury.

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