Spotlight: Bucks County Dental Design

    An exciting area of dental technology is the placement of dental implants into the jawbone. Dental implants provide the patient with a solid foundation to replace a lost tooth.

    While this concept has been around for many centuries, it is in the last several decades that technology has enabled dental implants to become more mainstream. During an exam or treatment in your dental office, your dental professional may recommend an implant before restoring your smile.

    Your dentist essentially becomes the “quarterback” of your case. Some general dentists have completed special training to be able to place the implant, but many will send the patient to a specialist, either an oral surgeon or a periodontist.

    Your dentist will suggest the proper placement of the implant based on the patient’s anatomy and the treatment plan. The specialist will place the titanium implant into the patient’s jawbone and then the healing and waiting begins.

    It takes four to six months for the implant to “become” part of the bone. This is called osseointegration.

    When the specialist is satisfied that the titanium implant has sufficiently integrated into the bone, he will send the patient back to the general dentist to complete the restoration. Your dentist’s job is to fabricate the crown(s) and attach the implant, using special screws, to the crown.

    The entire process can take as long as a year, but often is completed in six to nine months. Dental implants require proper maintenance and meticulous homecare.

    Your dentist may prescribe three month continuing care appointments and may suggest a nightguard.  This is a very rudimentary description of the implant process.

    Your dental health team is always happy to answer your questions and extoll the advantages of permanent replacements for missing teeth.

    Call us today at 215-364-2420.

    Note: Last month I mentioned that we routinely treat children beginning around the age of three years.

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children see the dentist beginning at the age of one year.

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